Emma Millen

Emma Millen

Customers spend an average of 66% more per transaction when online retailers suggest additional related product options
55% of U.S. households are Amazon Prime members
When consumers encounter out-of-stocks when shopping in stores, 29% will then go to Amazon and buy online
Based on data findings from Salesforce’s annual retail report, 75% of customers state they want to receive personalized offers from retailers
ColourPop Cosmetics collaborates with Disney to create a Princess-themed limited edition make-up collection
Sergio Rossi introduces a customizable shoe application, available online through the brand’s new WeChat mini program
The Museum of Ice Cream has collaborated with Sephora to create a colorful, unisex makeup line for customers to express their love for sweet treats
Macy’s launches new digital fashion focus in collaboration with social media influencers
Walmart to implement wireless charging technology in all stores across the U.S. to increase efficiency and cut power costs
American Airlines becomes the first airline to offer free live TV on all domestic flights
Travelers can now take a photo of their bags to determine size and weight requirements for luggage before they leave home with KLM’s AR app
Harley-Davidson plans R&D center for development of electric vehicles, hoping to court younger consumers
Pittsburgh transit riders will soon have access to text message updates for real-time vehicle locations
Volvo’s autonomous 360c concept adds a spacious interior & a lay-flat bed, in a bid to someday compete with domestic air travel
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