Jackie Chiquoine

Jackie Chiquoine

Amazon planning to open up to 3,000 new cashierless Go stores by 2021
JetBlue founder hints at new low-cost and “technologically advanced” airline
AT&T plans to open 1,000 US stores in the next 18 months, including mobile pop-ups and one inside a coffee shop
Uber makes moves to purchase UK-based food delivery app Deliveroo
Customer satisfaction with the US airport experience is at an all time high, according to JD Power survey, with Las Vegas McCarran International Airport and Orlando International Airport ranking highest
Among Gen Z and millennials, 81% are willing to exchange data for personalized rewards and brand engagements
Virgin Atlantic opens beachfront lounge in Barbados, to accommodate cruise and air travelers
China’s top three internet companies – Baidu, Inc., Alibaba Group and Tencent Holdings – have invested a combined $2 billion+ in the country’s tourism industry
Delta terminal at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport will be the first biometric terminal in the US
Daniel Farrar. CEO, Switchfly
David Neeleman. Founder, JetBlue
China’s first “underground hotel,” located 18 stories down inside an old quarry outside Shanghai, will open next month
Facebook rolls out new Dating platform in Colombia market, claiming its access to years of user activity data will result in better matches
Brent Gruber. Senior Director of Global Automotive Quality Practice, J.D. Power
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