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Cyclists Could Avoid Injury With This Wearable From Ford

Ford continues to broaden its outlook on mobility options for consumers with a smart jacket concept that helps people cycle more confidently and better coexist with cars and pedestrians


Save the Date: On January 16, 2019 PSFK will host a special half-day event centered around our upcoming Future of Retail 2020 report, which will provide a roadmap on how to combine physical retail with an invisible layer of technology-driven service.

January 16, 2019 | New York City

Logan Woods is the Director of Social Media and Content at KKLD Berlin. His work revolves around conceptualizing global campaigns for premium brands with an emphasis on digital. His skills revolve around strategy, creative direction and copywriting.


A talk from Scott Bedbury at PSFK 2017 stresses the importance of transparency in a country that has fallen prey to “alternative facts”

September 27, 2017

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Latest Tesla update lets drivers remotely limit the speed of their vehicle
Over 100 million users use Waze for navigation purposes
Xiaomi doubles down on affordability, releases $261 electric bicycle
95% of auto brands have invested in improving digital discovery experience with 360 video and other visuals
Jan-Philipp Hasenberg. Partner, Roland Berger
Kia’s AR Facebook Messenger tool allows users to virtually view 2018 Stinger GT in their driveway
Heath Black. Messenger Product Manager, Facebook
Tom Thompson. Project Lead, Ford Smart Mobility
BMW and Baidu Internet of Vehicles link up on home-to-vehicle cooperation
Ford debuts two fuel-efficient taxis that offer drivers greater choice and potential savings
Honda hopes that 66% of sales will consist of electric cars by 2030
Pop-up charging stations lets electric car drivers fuel up with minimal environmental impact
Marin Transit launched on-demand service that caters to seniors and riders with disabilities
Claes Erixon. Executive Vice President Research and Development, Scania

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