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How Brands Like Away Use Content And Services To Integrate Into The Consumer's Life

Meaningful content, product support, partner services, and education can build loyalty by integrating a brand into the customer's everyday life


Every year, PSFK explores the most important topics in retail and the customer experience. For 2019, our annual event will unpack the rise of the Direct-To-Consumer business and examine three key pillars that define this space.

January 16, 2019 | New York City

PSFK President of Research & Strategy Scott Lachut and strategist Avery McCaffrey guide viewers through a framework for engaging the conscious consumer

June 14, 2018

Ideas We Are Tracking

70% of women identify as “casual” shoppers for beauty and skincare products
Target is launching a new private label line of home essentials, all priced at $2 or less
Marie Driscoll. Managing Director for Luxury & Fashion, Coresight Research
Nordstrom is expanding its small format store concept, with two new Los Angeles locations to open this fall
Instagrammable pop-up “experiences” become the new norm for promotional events
Jeff Weiser. Chief Marketing Officer, Shopify
In China, retail sales of skincare achieved a growth rate of 10% year-over-year, while beauty products had a 21% increase in 2017
Walgreens is selling Boots products on Alibaba’s Tmall, expanding the pharmacy chain’s reach into the Chinese market
Alipay boasts over 700 million annual users, making for a 200 million user increase year on year
Dating app Bumble collaborated with a psychotherapists and dermatologists to develop a beauty line dedicated to treating skin issues related to emotions
Bloomingdale’s rolls out WellChemist clean beauty shop-in-shops to nine locations
ColourPop Cosmetics collaborates with Disney to create a Princess-themed limited edition make-up collection
An estimated 50-60 million Americans considering getting Botox treatment, but only about 4 million go through with it
The Museum of Ice Cream has collaborated with Sephora to create a colorful, unisex makeup line for customers to express their love for sweet treats

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