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Advertising Why Crowdsourced Hotel Design Will Be The Future Of Business Travel

PSFK in partnership with Prodigy examine the trends driving changes around work, lifestyle and health and their impact on the business traveler.

Design How APIs Facilitate Open-Source Branding [Future of Retail]

By opening their APIs to outside developers, brands and retailers are keeping pace with the changing marketplace.

Retail Rob Walker: How Stories Give Objects More Value [PSFK 2013]

Watch Rob Walker speak at PSFK CONFERENCE NYC 2010 to get geared up for our upcoming PSFK CONFERENCE 2013.

Technology James Fairbank: How To Brand A Certain Lifestyle [PSFK 2013]

Watch James Fairbank of Rapha Racing discuss the need to underline lifestyle when it comes to branding strategy.

Gaming & Play Aaron Dignan: Making Work A Game Drives Ultimate Engagement [PSFK 2013]

In this video from a previous PSFK event, digital guru speaks about how making work fun can motivate people to actually want to contribute more.

Work Sophie Maxwell: Has Branding Design Become The New Political Manifesto?

Insight Director at Pearlfisher discusses how more companies are starting to voice their social and political opinions through packaging and image.

Syndicated Would This Packaging Design Stop People Smoking?

An intentionally hideous design for box of cigarettes, already in use in Australia, has made the final cut for the Design of the Year Award.

Home Frog: Procter & Gamble Says Emotional Connections Are Crucial For Branding

Mindsharing chats with Phil Duncan, Global Design Officer at the major multinational consumer goods corporation.

Advertising Could A Virtual Main Street Save Struggling Local Shops?

With nearly 15% of shops vacant, two new online shopping companies are trying to revamp the way we think about buying 'local.'

Innovation A Closer Look At The Talks At PSFK CONFERENCE LONDON

Presentations at our 2012 event in the UK will cover design and innovation, branding and storytelling, education and technology.

Shopper Marketing & Promotions PSFK Launches 2012 'Future Of Retail' Trends Report

We launch our third annual survey of retail trends exploring the key factors driving change in shopper behaviors and expectations.

Technology Crowdsourced Retirement Photos Will Create A Billboard Of Life Experience

Prudential insurance demonstrates the possibilities in life after retirement in a new campaign that will begin with one teaser snapshot will grow into a full-size collage of consumer pictures.

Retail Kickstarter-Like Crowdfunding Platform For Local Merchants Launches

Hyperlocal 'Lucky Ant' gives people the opportunity to support small businesses in their community.

Advertising Singapore Bank Targets Young Adults With Specially Designed Products & Services

OCBC Bank's FRANK brand offers trendy retail stores, stylish card designs and more for those under 26.