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Advertising Interview: Celebrating And Selling To The 50+ Hipster

David Stewart, co-founder of Ageist, talks to PSFK about starting the a media company to recognize creatives over 50

Entertainment Peak TV & The Weirdening Ways Of Watching

In light of the fact that today marks Netflix's 20th birthday, Logan Woods discusses how the television age as we know it has hit midnight and our media diet is about to get weird

Baby Boomers This Smart Home Framework Helps People Better Care For Senior Citizens

The elderly are proving to be a large target for the connected home market at a time when many are disinterested in leaving their homes

Home 6 Stories You Need to Know Today

Today's top links cover predictions on a post-labor world, Google Person Finder tracking earthquake victims and Echo’s Yelp integration

Design How Will We Make and Play the Video Games of Tomorrow?

Predictions for 16 trends that will change the business of video games over the next five years

Luxury Mentorship Lessons for Adulthood With Wine & Financial Advice

The Society of Grownups sells financial advice classes and workshops to needy millennials

Syndicated Why David Beckham Outgrew Soccer

How the athlete became arguably one of the most famous celebrities of our time.

Work Confessions Of A Mad Man: The Agency Of The Future -- Part I

Hear all the dirty dealings of George Parker's ad world, that has been popularized by AMC's "Mad Men." All it's cracked up to be? Read to find out.


The heart of our political malaise is that the middle class, so long a powerhouse of US prosperity, is being crushed as never before.

Gaming & Play A Future Suburbia: Open House 2011 - Part 2 of 3

A look at how homes were redesigned and transformed to integrate suburban service providers.


The Baniak family live frugally in a crumbling communist-built steel town outside Kraków, but they remain hopeful for their future.

Design Monocolumn: Change For The World’s Second Least Populous Country

Outside of Vatican City, Niue is the world’s least populous country, a self-governing Pacific nation with a headcount comparable to that of a large high school.

Technology frog design: Searching for Value in Ludicrous Ideas

The wonderful work-life world of Steven M. Johnson.

Gaming & Play Future Of Health: Dr. Jay Parkinson On Real Lifestyle Change & Global Well-Being

As part of our Future of Health report, PSFK talked to Dr. Jay Parkinson, a physician working to bring good ideas in preventative medicine and healthy living to the front of the public mind.