Disney's Latest Flick Offers Movie-Goers Gamified AR Previews

To help promote its “Ralph Breaks the Internet” movie, Disney is giving its audiences an interactive augmented reality game triggered by a big-screen preview that they can play on their phones


During a webinar on November 14 at 12pm EST, the PSFK research team will be presenting findings from our newest trends and innovation debrief, the Last-Mile Debrief

November 14, 2018

PSFK President of Research & Strategy Scott Lachut and Senior Strategist Penn Whaling guide viewers through a framework for leading customers into the sales funnel through contextual and personal engagement in the home

July 5, 2018

Ideas We Are Tracking

Inspired by Toys R Us’ catalogs of the past, Amazon will distribute its first printed toy catalog for the 2018 holiday season
More money was spent on political advertising this year than any midterm election in the past: an estimated $3.27 billion on TV and radio, and $900 for digital
New Audi campaign with Departures magazine merges print and digital using a replica key fob to “unlock” the car ad – activating OLEDs to demonstrate the new car’s lighting design
In a bit of clever store marketing, UK Greggs location reverses logo to make the most of reflective department store display across the street
Korean design agency’s interactive, digital posters signal an evolution in out-of-home advertising
Benjamin Witte. Founder, Recess
52% of Gen Z males prefer non-traditional sports content, such as competitive gaming or obstacle courses, with many citing an overabundance of advertising as a reason why
Kyndra Russell. VP of loyalty and partnership marketing, Starbucks
UBS study found 76% correlation between Gucci’s increase in Instagram likes and sales growth
Land Rover’s creative marketing strategy includes collaborations with Hans Zimmer, James Bond, and Clarks shoes
Only 25% of ecommerce shoppers claim to regularly be interested in product recommendations online
39% of shoppers buy via social media on their smartphones, with 25% clicking on shoppable photos
Out-of-home advertising spending expected to hit record $38 billion this year, up 3% since last year
Pinterest, gearing up for IPO, reports 25% increase in monthly active users since last September
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