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30-Minute Meditation Classes Are Coming To NYC By Bus

Quick rounds of meditation will be available to New Yorkers thanks to Be Time, a new mobile meditation studio

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PSFK is proud to host a special half-day conference with expert speakers on new opportunity in brick & data retail

January 17, 2018 | New York City

At PSFK 2017, Studio Industries CEO Mike Lee teleported us in a time machine to the grocery store of the future, where experiences will reign over products

September 27, 2017

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[Inspiration] Netflix develops marijuana strains based on its original shows
[Stat] Instagram influences almost 75% of user purchase decisions
[Inspiration] Panera Prints Drink Nutrition Labels Right On Cups
[News] Nike Announces New Consumer Direct Offense
[Insight] Influencer posts are 8 times more popular than brand posts in China
[News] Hound Labs raises $8.1 million to combat stoned drivers with cannabis breathalyzers
[News] Scientists 3-D Print Mouse Ovaries That Actually Make Babies
[News] PepsiCo has experimented with mealworm powder for its snacks and drinks
[News] Gillette one ups Dollar Shave Club with on-demand razor ordering service where you text to order
[Insight] L’Oréal beauty bot learns your style to make gift giving easier
[News] ‘Napercise’ Is The New Workout Of Your Dreams
[News] Hospital makes $119M bet on virtual, augmented reality training center

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