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Cannabis investors predict next big industry wave is in precision dosing
The retail division of CVS Health has unveiled “Tested to Be Trusted,” a new program requiring third-party testing of all vitamins and supplements sold in-store and online
Pharmacy retail chain CVS sells 1,400 vitamins from 152 brands, spanning 11 categories like diet and pain relief
Sales of CBD are expected to exceed $20 billion by 2024 in the U.S., an annual growth rate of 49%
Spending on U.S. prescription medications is approaching $500 billion a year and growing up to 7% annually
Meet Perennial, a non-dairy drink for Boomers designed to ease healthy aging
Walmart is launching an online pet pharmacy and adding veterinary clinics to 100 stores
The U.S. frozen snacks category is expected to reach $5.08 billion in retail value by 2022
DoseBiome wants to build an empire of microbiome-related oral care products, starting with a canned drink
Dr. Mehmet Oz helped Turkish Airlines develop an in-flight wellness program meant to help passengers ward off air travel’s negative effects
Walgreens wants its pharmacists trained for mental health crises
Safeway stores in Arizona are opening health clinics that combine AI, augmented reality and telemedicine to offer grocery shoppers a convenient way to be seen for illnesses and injuries
The sun-care category is expected to grow by nearly 6%, by 2024 and be valued at almost $25 billion
About 4 of 5 large U.S. employers offer a wellness program as part of their employees’ health benefits