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January 16, 2019 | New York City

Mary Wittenberg is the Global CEO of Virgin Sport, the newest company within Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Group. Virgin Sport is on a mission to revolutionize healthy lifestyle experiences and inspire the world to move together, beginning with running event experiences in the UK and US.

Ideas We Are Tracking

Mushroom market expected to grow 8.2% due to consumer interest in food as medicine
40% of dairy beverage sales soon will be replaced by plant-based alternatives, as consumers become increasingly more health-conscious, resulting in an 8.1% rise in plant-based food sales this year
Timeshifter, a smartphone app, enables travelers to create personalized jet lag plans to help them maintain their physical and emotional well-being
1 in 3 individuals tracked healthcare charges and costs with a computer, smartphone or other electronic means in the past 12 months
Carolyn Sun. Researcher, Columbia University
Flavored sparkling water sales have increased 42% over the last five years as soda sales decline
Costco launches its private label, Kirkland sparkling water, to capitalize on the growing consumer beverage trend
69% of vegans and 64% of vegetarians chose these dietary lifestyles due to animal welfare-related reasons while 47% of vegans and 54% of vegetarians chose these eating habits for health-related reasons
Inspiren, an AI startup, will enable nurses to track whether they have completed their hourly rounds to all of their patients, which will prevent injuries and ulcers in customers due to a lack of medical attention
Americans spent over $16 billion on plastic surgery and elective procedures, 44% of which were non-surgical procedures such as injectables
59% of American consumers believe that their digital healthcare experiences should be similar to that of online retail, according to a recent study
Neil Saunders. Managing Director of Retail and Healthcare, GlobalData
Arielle Trzcinski. Senior Analyst, Forrester Research
Facebook and Instagram are introducing features that allow users to track how much time they spent on the social media platform.

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