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Cafe & Restaurant Starbucks China's signing store is dedicated to serving hearing-impaired customers and staff

Coffee chain Starbucks opened Signing Stores in Guangzhou, China, and Washington, DC, which are entirely with deaf and hearing imparied baristas in order to be more inclusive of the Deaf communities. The café ordering system works through two-way digital displays and notepads and integrates a non-sign language option of an electronic board for coffee enthusiasts to hand write their orders. Using vibrating pagers, customers can sense when their purchase is ready to pick up. The stores also offer sign language workshops.

Delivery & Logistics Domino's delivery hotspots allow customers to have pizza delivered to the beach or park

Pizza chain Domino’s allows customers to have pizza delivered to a park, sports field, beach, pool or other outdoor location. When customers place an order online or via mobile app, nearby Domino’s Hotspots will pop up on a map, allowing them to select the most convenient location. Customers then receive directions to the Hotspot along with text message updates about their order, including the driver’s estimated arrival time, so they can meet the driver at the designated location. Domino’s currently has over 150,000 outdoor Hotspots throughout the US. 

Food & Beverage Café Tu Tu Tango encourages guests to dine while they explore local artwork

Tapas restaurant Café Tu Tu Tango blends together food and art for a fun and quirky dining experience for food and art enthusiasts. Visitors can explore local artwork displayed on the walls and even purchase it, to take home with them. On-site also features live entertainment, tarot readers and open studios to watch artists work.

Store Experience & Design Orlando is home to the world's largest permanent ice bar, where patrons can enjoy a chill nightlife experience

It’s easy to cool down in Orlando, especially at this bar which claims to be the world’s largest permanent ice bar. A quarter of the bar is maintained at below freezing temperatures, though guests can warm up at the Fire Lounge to experience nightlife dancing and flaming cocktails. Coats and gloves are also provided by the Ice Princesses at the door.

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Orlando World Center hotel's Central Pantry is a grab-and-go alternative for hungry guests

Marriott hotel Orlando World Center’s Central Pantry is open from 6am to 2am to provide guests with easy grab-and-go dining options. The hotel provides a wide range of snacks and beverages from bakery items to salads and craft beer and wine. Central Pantry is one of six eating choices guests have access to during their stay.

Cafe & Restaurant Orlando Rabbit Care x The Nook partner for popup bunny café to relocate distressed rabbits

Orlando-based restaurant the Nook on Robinson collaborates with the Orlando Rabbit Care & Adoptions for a bunny café pop-up to relocate distressed rabbits and educate the community on adopting. The pop-up features bunnies, snacks and adult beverages in an initiative to create community involvement and increase social impact.  

Food & Beverage Coffee enthusiasts can pay what they wish at coffee shop Downtown Credo

Coffee shop Downtown Credo spotlights coffee trade transparency by asking consumers to pay what they wish for their morning coffee. The café educates the community on the social impact of purchasing power and explores how to read behind the fair trade label.

Delivery & Logistics KitchenAF ghost facility delivers comfort food to consumers

Ghost kitchen restaurant KitchenAF debuts a comfort food menu for consumers to pick up or order via delivery. The non-traditional restaurant format is distributed through UberEats and DoorDash, though to locate the menu food enthusiasts must search BurgerAF, PastaAF or SweetAF. To skip the delivery fee, one can also drive up to the pickup window to receive their food.

Sustainability & Transparency Vegetarian restaurant Proper & Wild provides customers transparency on food sourcing

Vegetarian restaurant Proper & Wild is a farm to table operation that sources food locally to showcase a sustainable format. The multiple vendors are openly displayed on the restaurant’s webpage to provide transparency to the consumers from where the heirloom tomatoes arrive from and how the eggs they use are from hormone free chickens.

Entertainment Epcot will debut restaurant Space 220 where guests dine inside a spaceship

Epcot will launch restaurant Space 220 a space pavilion that blends together futuristic design and high profile dining for Disney guests. Encompassed by a space view stimulation, diners can eat dinner inside a spaceship. A space-themed shuttle takes guests to the two-level dining space.

Shopper Education & Assistance Equal Parts kitchenware offers customers on-demand cooking coach access with purchase

DTC cookware brand Equal Parts offers customers 8 weeks’ worth of free access to a cooking coach with the purchase of any Equal Parts cookware kit to help them develop skills and confidence in the kitchen. Coaches are online from 4:00 to midnight every weekday, and then noon to midnight on the weekends to serve any on-demand needs, enabling users to chat with them via text or Slack and get real-time answers to their cooking queries.