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Analysis PSFK Visits EastPack, The East Coast's Leading Packaging Convention

Packaging is undergoing a kind of revolution as consumer habits change, requiring more focus on the environment and on delivery—here's what we found at one of the world's largest packaging expos

Beauty Interview: Flamingo's DTC Personal Care Is The Harry's Shaving Experience For Women

General manager of the DTC and wholesale women's razor brand Flamingo explains how she applied experience at Harry's to fill a gap for quality yet affordable shaving among female consumers

Consumer Goods This Stereo Surfs Radio Waves Using Water

Pour Reception changes how people interact with everyday objects with its new product activated by glasses of liquid

Design This Translucent Soap Is A Minimalist's Dream

Jasper Morrison's Soap, free of fragrance and bearing only recessed lettering, is the ultimate pared-down way to scrub clean

Technology Uninterrupted Operations Through Responsive Maintenance

PSFK's Future Of Manufacturing report explores manufacturers responding to emerging situations before systems malfunction

Consumer Goods This Redesigned Pencil Sharpener Is Made To Last A Lifetime

Høvel was created when Brahman Design grew dissatisfied with how the classic pencil sharpener works

Home Stainless Steel Used To Create Never-Ending Soap

Amco is a new approach to develop a lasting and more effective soap for killing strong odors

Retail Casper Made A Nap Mat That Can Only Be Bought At Target

The first two exclusive Casper products have been launched in Target stores following the chain store's investment in the startup mattress company

Work Turn Any Window Or Wall Into A Personal Workspace

Enjoy the view and burn calories while working with this sleek-looking, adjustable standing desk

Design Artists Rebrand Sex Toys To Drive Away Misconceptions

Designer Jenna Joespher and photographer Jesse Untrach-Oakner re-imagine the objects in a new context

Food & Beverage Unique Container Keeps Wine Fresh For Days

After opening a bottle you can pour the leftover wine in this compressing container to keep it fresh for longer

Fashion & Apparel Shoe Can Swap Heels For Any Occasion

Mime et Moi designed a shoe with different heels so wearers no longer need to carry around multiple pairs

Food & Beverage Origami-Like Utensils Morph Into Multiple Kitchen Tools

The Ori-Kit starts as flat pieces, but can be quickly folded into multiple different useful configurations

Technology Spray Touch Controls Onto Any Surface

Electrick can turn all sorts of objects into touch pads using electrically conductive coatings