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Machine Learning Lets Adidas Customers Contribute To Product Design

Through the analysis of millions of consumer-created prototypes, the company can better anticipate future demand by allowing customers an active role in product design, as opposed to simply collecting data on shoppers' behavior


During a webinar on Friday, June 22 at 12pm EST, the PSFK research team will be presenting findings from our newest trends and innovation debrief, the Shopper Marketing Debrief

June 22, 2018

Flynn Joffray is a partner at the retail innovation agency Oak Labs. His team have been working with retailers like Ralph Lauren and Westfield to imagine the Store of the Future.


Prison inmate turned fitness CEO Coss Marte discussed how he went from selling drugs on a street corner to running a company at Saks 5th Avenue, alongside racks of designer clothes and shoes.

September 27, 2017

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