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San Francisco & Oakland's 7 Must-See Retail Spots

PSFK’S San Francisco and Oakland guide examines how retailers are incorporating technology and innovative practices in order to create memorable experiences for consumers


PSFK’s Future of Retail 2019 Conference will serve as the cornerstone event for New York Retail Innovation Week, an inclusive calendar of events in NYC this January that will provide a learning platform for executives working at retailers and brands.

January 13, 2019 | New York City

In our latest webinar, PSFK President of Research & Strategy Scott Lachut and Strategist Conner Dial  explore how innovative brands and retailers are eliminating time-consuming supply chain hierarchies, consolidating communication and inventory across channels and leveraging data-enabled technologies

November 20, 2018

Ideas We Are Tracking

Mark Tuner. CEO, HeatGenie
Labeling system will help shoppers cut through confusion and buy food packaging that is plastic-free (and guilt-free)
Creative design agency Frey Anderson is partnering with 3D visualization specialist Render Studio to develop AR beer cans
Publishers are tapping consumers to aid in product R&D
Booze-free alcohol is what’s next in beverages
Marriott built a concept space to show off the brand’s next-gen innovations
Allbirds new summer sneakers are actually made out of trees
10 trends that the food industry missed
Starbucks wants to make a eco-friendly coffee cup
Macy’s is adding mobile checkout to let shoppers skip the sales clerk
Cocofloss is a dental health brand trying to reinvent floss
84% of Americans believe that marijuana should be legal
Retailers are turning to in-store dining to give them the edge over e-commerce
Kids that play more often are better prepared for employment
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