Grocery, Convenience & Supermarket

Automotive H-E-B grocery retailer piloted autonomous delivery vehicle that can hold up to 32 orders

Texas-based grocery retailer H-E-B piloted autonomous delivery near its Olmos Park, TX, supermarket with a self-driving vehicle named Newton, which can hold up to 32 orders of varying size.

Delivery & Logistics Walmart X Alert Innovation to pilot a first-of-its-kind automated system

Big box retailer Walmart partners with startup Alert Innovation to pilot a first-of-its-kind automated system called The Alphabot in its supercenter in Salem, New Hampshire, dedicated to improving the fulfillment of grocery pickup. Housed in a 20,000-square-foot extension connected to the store, the high-speed system delivers items to sales associates to assemble and deliver orders to customers. 

Grocery, Convenience & Supermarket Kroger's online grocery fulfillment center in Dallas will fill orders in minutes

Grocery retailer Kroger's planned online grocery fulfillment center in Dallas, TX, designed by the retailer's partnering online supermarket Ocado to be a robot-operated facility, is estimated to be able to fill a 50-item order in less than 6 to 7 minutes.

Retail Walmart Bossa Nova expanded its fleet of in-store bots

Retailer Walmart expanded its fleet of  Bossa Nova in-store bots from 50 to 350, taking time-intensive chores such as scanning shelves to look for out-of-stock items off of human employees’ hands.

Store Experience & Design Giant Eagle Tally utilizes computer vision and RFID to scan shelves

Supermarket chain Giant Eagle began trialing San Francisco-based startup Simbe's Tally, an autonomous inventory robot that utilizes computer vision and RFID to scan shelves, providing insights on purchases and re-stocking management.

Food & Beverage Cleveron 501 revolutionizes grocery pickup with a robotic pickup kiosk

Startup Cleveron revolutionizes grocery pickup with Cleveron 501, a robotic pickup kiosk that can retrieve customers within 20 seconds. The robotic kiosk, roughly the size of a parking spot, can be filled by workers with up to 124 or 276 crates of grocery orders depending on the size and regulated by different temperature zones to accommodate different types of items. To collect their orders, customers scan a mobile QR code or enter a passcode, which the kiosk then delivers through a vending machine-like operate.

Technology 7-Eleven x Microsoft partnership turns data into consumer and store insights

Convenience store chain 7-Eleven collaborated with tech company Microsoft to provide 7-Eleven franchisees with Microsoft Surface devices and Power BI, Microsoft’s business intelligence analytical service. The Power BI dashboards turns data into insights which are provided to 7-Eleven field employees, giving them insights into purchasing trends and store performance. The Power BI dashboards help franchisees meet customer demand by recommending actions and ensuring the right assortment of products are in stock

Delivery & Logistics Pinduoduo is building an AI-supported logistics data network to speed up deliveries

Chinese ecommerce company Pinduoduo is building an AI-supported logistics data network to speed up deliveries, automating warehousing, optimizing route planning and improving parcel sorting. It includes systems specifically designed for online sales of fresh produce, and uses data analysis to reduce spoilage by helping farmers identify the optimal time to plant and harvest different fruits and when they should be packaged and shipped.

Consumer Insights 7FRESH harnesses data analytics to improve its inventory management

7FRESH, the premium offline supermarket owned by Chinese ecommerce company, uses data analytics to improve its inventory management, selecting the exact amount and assortment of SKUs for each location based on their unique needs, minimizing fresh produce waste. 7FRESH also leverages data to build consumer profiles, which they use to determine optimal store locations and layouts

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