Home Outer furniture lets customers turn their backyards into showrooms

The outdoor furniture brand Outer invites its customers to serve as hosts, turning their backyards into showrooms where potential buyers can see the products in a real-world setting.

Transactions & Payments Neighbor lets users list or rent affordable extra self-storage space via its P2P platform

Neighbor is a self-storage peer-to-peer platform that lets users rent storage from people with extra space. Users browse through the app or website to find an affordable, suitable space from people who have posted their empty storage spaces, and payments are handled through the platform. Neighbor incorporated a “store with a friend” function that will show users a list of friends, or mutual friends, who are hosting on the platform in order to build trust between users through their social connections.

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Pay-by-minute hotel app Recharge extends its service to private residences

Recharge, the pay by-the-minute hotel stay app, has extended its service to include private residences. Homeowners can list their property on the platform to make their spaces available for sharing by the hour. In return, listers can earn money by renting their home to the company’s trusted network of travelers and residents while they are out of the house.

Brand Activation & Immersion PSFK Retail Conference Preview: b8ta On Its Evolution As A RaaS Provider And An Optimistic View For Retail's Future

b8ta's co-founder and president Phillip Raub speaks with PSFK ahead of appearing at our retail conference to discuss the RaaS store and software provider's evolution over the years, touching on its Forum fashion & lifestyle experience, reinvention of Toys"R"Us, and role in a new decade of retail

Design Why Trending Design Site Hunker Opened A Multi-Story House

Ahead of appearing at our upcoming retail conference, Hunker editor-in-chief Eve Epstein and Whereabout studio founder Gabriela Baiter talk building a media brand today and take us inside the Hunker House—the high-design IRL manifestation of the online decor site

Automotive Best NYC Holiday Windows Of 2019

PSFK contributor Dave Pinter took to the streets to photograph some of the most colorful and creative displays from top retailers as they took part in the city's whimsical tradition

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services Consumer Expectations For Retail Experiences In 2020 And Beyond

In partnership with Suzy, PSFK research reveals that tomorrow's consumers will expect increasingly personalized and localized offers and experiences that go beyond mere transactions

Delivery & Logistics Why Top-Notch Delivery Service Is A Key Driver Of Retail Success

Solution provider AxleHire tells PSFK why delivery is one of the few areas where retailers can truly differentiate—and how his end-to-end platform helps enable last-mile service to drive clients' success

Packaging & Product Engagement IKEA Israel allows disabled consumers to 3D print customizable furniture adaptations

Furniture manufacturer Ikea Israel modifies its furniture to make it more accessible for people with disabilities to use. The company created thirteen designs to adapt bookcases, couches and more to accommodate disabled consumers. Accessible adjustments such as an easy handle, couch lift and friendly zipper are available for free online or 3D printing.

Fashion & Apparel STORY at Macy's "Home for the Holidays" Activation Brings Gifting To Life With Special Events

'Tis the season for gingerbread making and cocktail inspiration—so the retailer is exciting consumers this December to spread the cheer with a special immersive holiday curation and programming from STORY

Home Procter & Gamble's lean innovation approach allows CPG brands to launch new products more quickly

CPG giant Procter & Gamble is embracing ‘lean innovation,’ launching new products quickly and refining them via iterative testing. This allows them to innovate more quickly than their traditional approach, which required extensive consumer research and testing before a new product was introduced to the marketplace. By launching ‘minimum viable products,’ P&G is able to introduce new products to market more quickly and gain real-world feedback, much as a smaller, more nimble DTC brand would approach innovation. One product P&G launched through this method is Charmin’s Forever Roll, a commercial-size roll of toilet paper that would allow consumers to not change the roll as often, which was launched after testing via Facebook and Instagram ads.

Advertising Outer Neighborhood Showroom turns customers into ambassadors by using their backyards as showrooms

The outdoor furniture brand Outer invites its customers to serve as hosts, turning their backyards into showrooms where potential buyers can see the products in a real-world setting. Buyers can browse the site and then make an appointment to schedule a hosted visit at a local backyard showroom. Hosts receive a flat fee for each visit.

Food & Beverage TerraCycle Loop circular delivery platform makes it easy for consumers to refill their favorite household products

TerraCycle Loop is a service that makes it simple and convenient for consumers to use refillable versions of common household products, ensuring they never run out of their favorite products while eliminating the need for single-use, disposable packaging. Shoppers can visit the Loop online store and select their desired products from participating CPG companies such as PepsiCo, Nestlé and Unilever, which are delivered to their home. After the products are used, UPS will pick up the empty containers and deliver the replacement order.

Beauty PSFK's 10th Annual Future Of Retail Report Will Guide Brands And Retailers Into The Age Of Personal Utility

PSFK's Future Of Retail 2020: Retail As Personal Utility report provides a strategic roadmap for brands and retailers to deliver hyper-personalized service that meets the unique needs of every customer in a post-experiential era