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Driverless Toyota Shuttle Could Transport Goods For Amazon And Pizza Hut

The autonomous concept is a flexible, purpose-built vehicle for retailers and services

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Lara Speier

Lara currently works in the Mobile and Emerging Products Division: Content/Editorial Projects at Yahoo. She also works at the The Skinny Dipping Report as a Business Developmer and Media Manager with focus on brand growth, project management, PR, partnerships and collaborations. Lara also runs The Store-torialist, a blog that chronicles compelling window displays, visual merchandising and store’s personalities, branding and ‘idiosyncrasies’ in New York City. Prior, she was Head of People at Wander/Days App (acquired by Yahoo), a daily visual diary that makes lifesharing easy and addictive. Instead of sharing the photos you take one-by-one, you share all the moments from a given day as a single atomic unit. Speier also worked as an Account Manager at Cunning - a creatively driven advertising agency that specializes in brand development, strategy and experience.

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