Retail Beauty

Americans spent more than $5 billion on high-end skincare in 2018, about 13% more than the previous year
Haircare brand Owa created a water-activating shampoo that is TSA-compliant and eco-friendly
Joe Mills opens a barbershop in the Manchester Primark shop, aiming to offer high-end haircare for an affordable price to Primark customers
Lycord’s NYC pop-up showcased ‘inner beauty’ love letters written by people to help promote the new digestible skincare line
Sephora is set to open a store that focuses on enhancing the customer experience, including a VR makeup simulator
Jing Yin. President, Lazada Group
How Xiaohongshu builds its product review community to drive ecommerce sales
Kate-Spade uses Refinery29 for Instagram video advertisements to expand consumer base
Sally Beauty Launches a mobile app in support of 15 million loyalty members that personalizes the customer shopping experience from their phone
Abercrombie & Fitch is set to start selling CBD products in over 160 stores based off of high popularity among consumers
A Japanese skincare company is using an AI-powered digital human as its brand ambassador 
Walgreens announces empathy training for its pharmacists and beauty experts to better serve cancer patients
Amongst the LGBTQ+ community, 60% of respondents reported having changed their hairstyle after having undergone a life/identity change
Multicultural customers, especially women are more likely to experiment with beauty routines, with 66% of Hispanic women acknowledging they’re more likely to bring experimentation into routines