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How Brands Are Focusing On Live-Stream Content To Generate Excitement And Drive Sales

From fashion and beauty retailers to the realm of food and beverage, brands are focusing their efforts on enabling live shoppable content, catering to the instant gratification trend among consumers as well as building better rapport with their audience

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Special event centereon winning strategies for DTC retail

January 16, 2019 | New York City

David Cunningham is the Founder at VisioCap, a private equity investment model that focusses on deploying capital in businesses that it can deeply affect, specifically in the pet industry.


Experiential designer Emilie Baltz argues that playful experiences create positive emotional relationships founded in creativity and discovery

August 8, 2018

Ideas We Are Tracking

Chanel readies to launch its makeup line for men
The rise of China’s middle class has led to a new development in their beauty industry with a 17% growth in skin care and a 30% growth in makeup
Estee Lauder focuses their digital efforts on China as their newest emerging market
Mugler releases gender-neutral fragrance collection to appeal to millennial demographic
18% of consumers are subscribed to a fashion and beauty subscription service, while 10% are enlisted in a grocery subscription service
Drugstores account for 14% of U.S. beauty sales
Fendi creates a multi-experience pop-up activation, including an ice cream station, for consumers inside of Selfridges
J. Crew launches a free-for-all loyalty program to an effort to aid its retail recovery efforts
Approximately 30% to 40% of an Indian designer’s business inquires now come from Instagram
When a skincare retailer redesigned their stores to encourage lingering and browsing, they saw sales skyrocket by 20-40%
The Detox Market, a retailer specializing in clean beauty, is expanding with micro-stores the size of walk-in closets
Hair currently fastest-growing category within prestige beauty
Just like getting your nails did—drybar of botox is in position to disrupt cosmetic injectables market
L’Occitane implements AI-powered digital experiences to enhance online shopping

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