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Hyper-Personalized Pricing At The Store Level Is Now A Reality

Clothing brand Guess implemented a dynamic pricing system to tailor in-store promotions to local audiences


Christina Agapakis is the Creative Director at Gingko Bioworks. She is a biologist, writer and artist interested in microbes and the future of biotechnology. She collaborates with engineers, designers, artists and social scientists to explore the many unexpected connections between microbiology, technology, art and popular culture.


Wearable X CEO Billie Whitehouse spoke to PSFK 2017 about designing wearables for all five senses and maintaining a sense of humor

September 27, 2017

Ideas We Are Tracking

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List of innovative luxury stores
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24% of traffic garnered by the top 10 clothing retailers goes to Macy’s
Retail brand Champion makes a Comeback
Snap is launching a second version of its Spectacles
A brand new period of using color in retail is upon us

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