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A clothing store has created custom-designed ‘wearable postcards’ for the sentimental consumer
Roughly 80% of Glossier’s growth comes from peer-to-peer recommendations, and their main retail establishment generates more sales revenue per square foot than the average Apple store
Dockers Footwear improves e-commerce experience with integration of Shopify
The global swimwear market was valued at $18.4 billion in 2017
Reformation goes international with a store opening outside of the U.S. offering sustainable clothing and business practices
The “sport leisure” style has become the largest category in the U.S. sneaker space, beating “performance”-oriented footwear. In sharp contrast, while demand for sport leisure styles surged 17% last year to $9.6 billion in sales, sales of performance apparel tumbled 10% to $7.4 billion in the last two years
Louis Vuitton has been hosting a pop-up tour around the globe with the next stop in NYC
The Fabricant introduces a market featuring augmented reality clothing
Balmain’s Olivier debuts an Instagram feed that consumers can shop off of
Uniqlo goes digital by redesigning stores to handle online orders and cater to local customer needs
When it comes to traveling for work, 87% of employees want the option to travel in comfortable clothing of their choice
Level Shoes introduces rotational in-house stylists that offer personalized advice
The Attico unveils a new website featuring bi-monthly capsules and art collaborations
Gen-Z values in-store interaction the least, with 42% feeling annoyed with increased interaction with retail associates, but 56% of millennials said they feel more welcomed by in-store interactions