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How Wellness Brands Are Harnessing The Power Of Scent

Wellness and scent are especially well-suited for one another, which is why brands are creating scent-centric products that promote healthy living


PSFK’s CXI 2018 conference brings to life key trends in customer experience through talks and activations by pioneers at well known and new companies.

May 18, 2018 | New York City

Erica is a humanitarian and a technologist who Co-Leads UNICEF's Innovation Unit. UNICEF Innovation has recognized success in innovative design of development solutions. In 2013, she was chosen by Time Magazine to be on the Time 100 list of the 100 most influential people in the world.


At PSFK 2017, Studio Industries CEO Mike Lee teleported us in a time machine to the grocery store of the future, where experiences will reign over products

September 27, 2017

Ideas We Are Tracking

In-car Uber retail offers brands personal data, riders less privacy
DoorDash will deliver groceries from Walmart in Atlanta
Amazon generates 5 times more web traffic (31%) than Walmart (6%)
Consumer electronics projected to rise another 3.9% to $1.014 trillion this year
Lack of right content in ecommerce experience forces 42% to abandon carts
AR can train new people 30% to 40% more efficiently
9 out of 10 consumers don’t mind if brands know about them if it delivers better shopping experiences
Consumers don’t mind sharing data for a better retail customer experience
How ‘smart glass’ at airports boosts alcohol sales
Walmart launches ‘Check Out With Me’ for on-the-spot checkouts in hundreds of US stores
The future of beauty, according to L’Oreal’s tech & design guru
American Express brings shoppable AR feature to Coachella
Alibaba strengthens presence in Thailand with $320 million investment
Robots have now mastered the ability to assemble Ikea furniture in 20 minutes

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