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Camping popularity in North America has increased by 72% since 2014, adding 7 million more camping households since then
Four Seasons releases the itineraries for a private jet experience that will take guests to their destination
PONANT partners with the Musée du Louvre for a cruise that takes guests to areas inspired by the museum’s collection
92% of employees that frequently travel for work would like to see incentive programs that recognize their spouse/partner
When it comes to traveling for work, 87% of employees want the option to travel in comfortable clothing of their choice
69% of employees that travel frequently say ride share versus rental cars allows them to be more productive
American Airlines and Hyatt collaborate to link loyalty members accounts to earn points for both the airline and hotel
A travel insurance agency found that survey respondents did not take vacation due to finances; 44% said they didn’t have the money and 19% said they didn’t want to spend money on travel
Allison Ausband. Senior Vice President, Delta
The number of international travelers that have participated in indigenous tourism activities has increased 40% since 2013
German airline to revamp its children’s menu to offer Michelin star meals
TripIt tack ons Google Assistant and Alexa support, offering hands-free assistance for travelers
Hopper app expands: allowing for tracking of flight prices and predicting of hotel costs globally
Claudia Heskier Schioenning. Vice President of Travel Retail and Global Accounts, Swarovski