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Interview: Dirty Lemon Founder On Beverage Innovation And Next-Generation Customer Loyalty

Founder and CEO Zak Normandin tells PSFK how he is pioneering a new kind of beverage brand built around strong customer relationships, seamless retail technology, and innovative product


Every year, PSFK explores the most important topics in retail and the customer experience. For 2019, our annual event will unpack the rise of the Direct-To-Consumer business and examine three key pillars that define this space.

January 16, 2019 | New York City

PSFK Founder and President Piers Fawkes and Senior Strategist Emily Wasik help us navigate today’s travel landscape

April 4, 2018

Ideas We Are Tracking

More than 50% of millennials want retail clinics and access to alternative services like massage
64% of teens and young adults say they have used mobile apps related to health, including for fitness, sleep, meditation or medication reminders
73% of Gen Z respondents are interested in curated subscription-type services, particularly for fashion, consumer electronics, health and beauty products
The average American spends $155 per month on their health and fitness
Embers smart travel coffee mug works in conjunction with Apple’s Health App, providing users with their drinks temperature, the ability to set their own temperature, and track caffeine intake
Zak Normandin. Founder & CEO, Dirty Lemon
Sunshine Home, a nursing home in China, is offering college students reduced rental rates in exchange for volunteering to spend time with the elderly
Experts report a 25% increase in US cannabis dispensary licenses issued between 2017 and 2018
Chris Burggraeve. Former executive, Coca-Cola and AB InBev; cannabis startup founder
Walmart Canada reportedly looking into sales of cannabis-based products
Pop-up from tennis and activewear brand Björn Borg offers exclusive merchandise to anyone who trades in street drugs
58% of experts surveyed agreed that brands and retailers should invest in remote consultations in order to meet consumer demand for health and wellness-related services
According to our expert survey, the sectors most likely to incorporate new health & wellness products and services into their offerings in the next two years are hospitality (79%), beauty (79%), apparel (69%), restaurants (69%) and grocery (63%)
47% of experts surveyed agreed that it was very important for brands and retailers outside of the health & wellness business to provide health & wellness products and services
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