Special event centereon winning strategies for DTC retail

January 16, 2019 | New York City

Ideas We Are Tracking

[Stats] CES 2018 Digital Consumer Survey
[Stat] More users might outsourced holiday shopping to voice tech
[Stat] Accenture Puts A Number On Consumer Distrust: $756B
[Stat] More Facebook and Instagram Users Discussed Holiday Shopping Than Super Bowl LI
[Stats] 10 Fascinating Things We Learned When We Asked The World ‘How Connected Are You?’
[Stats] Value consumers see premium appeal in private label products
[Stats] Consumers Don’t Trust Businesses Can Protect Their Data
[Stats] Holiday Shoppers Vs. Chatbots, Virtual Reality, Robots And Drones
[Stats] On Black Friday, humans still trump Amazons Alexa for now
[Stat] We now spend 70% of our time online on phones
[Stat] How Online Dating Is Changing the Nature of Society
[Stat] How Automation Has Changed The Everyday Life Of Americans
[Stat] Apps Like Facebook, Instagram Are Creating Teen Anxiety
[Stats] Inside the freelance economy

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