Sustainability & Transparency

Sustainability & Transparency BSES Rajdhani Power Limited lets customers sell their excess solar power

BSES Rajdhani Power Limited, a power company in Delhi, India, that enables customers to sell excess solar power to their neighbors. Using a blockchain-based platform, customers with rooftop solar panels can sell any excess solar power the panels generate to their neighbors, even if their neighbors don’t have rooftop solar power.

Transactions & Payments Green Power Exchange uses blockchain to let users trade renewable energy

Green Power Exchange is a blockchain-based platform that lets consumers trade solar and wind power with one another by using its Initial Coin Offering. The company created two different coins: the GPX that is used to buy and sell energy, and the GET that helps manage energy post purchase.

Fashion & Apparel This Closet-Sharing App Interviews Potential Members Before Letting Them Join

Tulerie is a P2P apparel-sharing mobile experience that takes building a trustworthy community seriously, FaceTiming with each interested candidate before inviting them to join the eco-minded platform

Automotive Why Your Peer-To-Peer Play Will Determine Your Brand's Vitality In 2020 & Beyond

Whether through added services, resale marketplaces or showrooms, brands are increasingly recognizing the imperative to make a P2P Play in order to enhance their overall customer experience and create more meaningful, long-lasting relationships with consumers

Brand Activation & Immersion A Decade Of Change: Seven Shifts That Will Continue To Impact The 2020s

Seven shifts tracked by PSFK reports that will continue to drive retail, CX and shopper experience innovation over the next decade.

Advertising Join PSFK For Our Annual New York Retail Innovation Week Festival In January 2020

Get immersed in our city-wide festival that showcases the most creative and progressive thinking around retail and consumer experience innovation

Cafe & Restaurant Vegetarian restaurant Proper & Wild provides customers transparency on food sourcing

Vegetarian restaurant Proper & Wild is a farm to table operation that sources food locally to showcase a sustainable format. The multiple vendors are openly displayed on the restaurant’s webpage to provide transparency to the consumers from where the heirloom tomatoes arrive from and how the eggs they use are from hormone free chickens.

Brand Activation & Immersion DSW encourages consumers to donate shoes at its DSWGives Do Good Popup

Shoe retailer DSW is trying something new for its DSWGives Do Good Pop-Up: There is no merchandise. Instead of driving sales, the space focuses on giving back through DSWGives, the retailer’s philanthropic arm. Visitors are encouraged to bring pairs of shoes to donate at the pop-up, where they will also learn about DSW’s mission through interactive experiences.

Retail DSW's NYC Popup Encourages Consumers To Give Back This Holiday Season

This shoe retailer is elevating the holiday retail pop-up experience into an opportunity to make a difference in children's lives, blending philanthropic initiatives with an immersive space

Delivery & Logistics TerraCycle Loop circular delivery platform makes it easy for consumers to refill their favorite household products

TerraCycle Loop is a service that makes it simple and convenient for consumers to use refillable versions of common household products, ensuring they never run out of their favorite products while eliminating the need for single-use, disposable packaging. Shoppers can visit the Loop online store and select their desired products from participating CPG companies such as PepsiCo, Nestlé and Unilever, which are delivered to their home. After the products are used, UPS will pick up the empty containers and deliver the replacement order.

Beauty PSFK's 10th Annual Future Of Retail Report Will Guide Brands And Retailers Into The Age Of Personal Utility

PSFK's Future Of Retail 2020: Retail As Personal Utility report provides a strategic roadmap for brands and retailers to deliver hyper-personalized service that meets the unique needs of every customer in a post-experiential era

Design Coming Full Circle: Sustainable Retail In A Post-Recycling Age

PSFK considers emerging sustainable retail practices within the circular economy, tracing the new ways companies from fashion to food are designing sustainability into their business model from the get-go

Store Experience & Design Sarah Flint's first-ever popup shop invites customers to tea while trying new shoes

Women’s shoe brand Sarah Flint’s first-ever pop-up is designed to feel like coming home. The space employs a showroom model, allowing visitors to try on shoes and place orders for delivery. Shoppers, who are treated to tea and cookies, can also make 30-minute one-on-one appointments with knowledgeable sales associates and drop off old pairs of shoes for recycling.

Shopper Education & Assistance Adidas works with nonprofit Parley for the Oceans to help source and manufacture products from recycled ocean plastic

Sportswear brand Adidas helped found and now collaborates with the nonprofit Parley for the Oceans, which helps source and manufacture products made from recycled ocean plastic collected from the world’s shorelines. Many product lines include the reworked debris, including over 5 million pairs of Ultraboost shoes made annually.