Transactions & Payments

Entertainment HitRecord helps artists collaborate on projects and earn money from their contributions

HitRecord is a media platform that allows artists to collaborate on creative projects, and earn money if their projects are sold. Users upload original pieces of art, such as songs, video games or short films, and invite other users to remix or edit their work. If a final product is sold, anyone who was involved in its creation receives a share of the proceeds based on the size of their contributions.

Transactions & Payments SoundCloud Premier builds a platform for independent creators to monetize their music

SoundCloud, a music streaming platform, offers independent creators a chance to monetize their music through its SoundCloud Premier program. Artists with at least 5,000 streams a month can join, and are able to then earn a share of the revenue generated by their music.

Transactions & Payments Idle helps users earn extra cash by renting out items they are not using on a short-term basis

Idle is an Atlanta-based peer-to-peer rental platform that allows users to rent out items by the hour or by the day, earning extra cash for items that they are not using. Users can list any item, from power tools to kayaks, and set their desired price. Others can then easily rent items that they only need occasionally, making it much more cost effective than buying.

Sustainability & Transparency BSES Rajdhani Power Limited lets customers sell their excess solar power

BSES Rajdhani Power Limited, a power company in Delhi, India, that enables customers to sell excess solar power to their neighbors. Using a blockchain-based platform, customers with rooftop solar panels can sell any excess solar power the panels generate to their neighbors, even if their neighbors don’t have rooftop solar power.

Sustainability & Transparency Green Power Exchange uses blockchain to let users trade renewable energy

Green Power Exchange is a blockchain-based platform that lets consumers trade solar and wind power with one another by using its Initial Coin Offering. The company created two different coins: the GPX that is used to buy and sell energy, and the GET that helps manage energy post purchase.

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Banks, Insurance & Financial Services Credo360 rebrands credibility requirements for financial transactions with blockchain-backed peer ratings

Credo360 is a peer-to-peer network that uses blockchain to allow members to complete transactions without having to share their personal information. User’s credibility is established through peer ratings generated from social interactions, such as renting or hiring, and is shown as a Credo score, which is stored on a blockchain, providing a secure way to vouch for other’s reliability.

Home Neighbor lets users list or rent affordable extra self-storage space via its P2P platform

Neighbor is a self-storage peer-to-peer platform that lets users rent storage from people with extra space. Users browse through the app or website to find an affordable, suitable space from people who have posted their empty storage spaces, and payments are handled through the platform. Neighbor incorporated a “store with a friend” function that will show users a list of friends, or mutual friends, who are hosting on the platform in order to build trust between users through their social connections.

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Pay-by-minute hotel app Recharge extends its service to private residences

Recharge, the pay by-the-minute hotel stay app, has extended its service to include private residences. Homeowners can list their property on the platform to make their spaces available for sharing by the hour. In return, listers can earn money by renting their home to the company’s trusted network of travelers and residents while they are out of the house.

Fashion & Apparel Wardrobe helps New Yorkers monetize their closet by renting out clothes to peers

Wardrobe is a digital platform that allows users in New York City to monetize the items in their own closets, renting out their clothing to peers. Users upload a photo of themselves wearing the item and set their desired price and rental period. After a Wardrobe stylist has approved the submission, other users can chat with the owner to discuss personal details like fit. Once a rental is booked, the item is exchanged through a ‘Wardrobe Hub,’ a network of 30 dry cleaner locations in New York, who handle fulfillment and returns, ensuring that the item is cleaned after each rental.

Technology TOK leverages blockchain to connect members and let them securely buy and sell cryptocurrency

TOK APP is a blockchain-based multi-purpose peer-to-peer chat application built on Ethereum’s decentralized network. It allows users to chat securely and features a built-in cryptocurrency wallet to enable them to buy, sell and send tokens.

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Beauty Peer-to-peer beauty marketplace MyBeautyBrand lets members build virtual stores and transact directly with friends

MyBeautyBrand is a peer-to-peer online beauty marketplace that allows users to open personalized virtual stores and sell directly to their friends. After signing up, users create a store by adding products from any of the brands on the platform and posting their own makeup looks. When a product is sold, users will earn a commission up to 20%, while the brand handles fulfillment. Users who generate enough sales are also eligible to become shareholders in MyBeautyBrand.

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