Videos: PSFK Future Of Retail 2015 NYC

From Retailers to Partners

Gavin May, Alexander Rea, and Lorelei Bandrovschi of Co:Collective explain how you can use your brand’s story to create your retail strategy

Tristan Pollock, Storefront: Creating Pop-Up Spaces That Matter

Tristan Pollock of Storefront says that pop-up stores give creatives a chance to participate in open dialogue

David Blumenfeld, Westfield Labs: How to Create Interactive Window Shopping

David Blumenfeld of Westfield Labs goes through the benefits of installing one-touch, interactive displays for a new kind of window shopping

Personalization Through Personal Devices

Tim Rodgers of +rehabstudio shows how data and devices can bring back the familiarity of old-school grocery shopping

Innovating In-Store Experiences with Technology

Peter Rivera of Infusion Digital Agency explains how technology can help build more loyalty and a better brand experience

Scaling Customization for a Mass Audience

Nikki Kaufman of Normal explains how her company makes customization faster, scaleable and more affordable