Videos: PSFK Future Of Retail 2015 SF

Leveraging Social Commerce

Chris Bennett of Soldsie details how Instagram is allowing customers to shop through purchasable posts

Creating a Physical Experience in a Digital Way

Courtney Lapin of Westfield Labs goes through the benefits of installing connected glass displays for a new kind of window shopping

How to Influence In-Store Sales through Mobile

Margot Landsdorf of Shopkick explains how mobile phones can be used to influence consumer behavior—both before and during an in-store experience

With Direct Shipping, Less is More

Liam Casey of PCH International speaks on why changing distribution models will promote hardware innovation

How Brands Can Interact with Space Better

Tristan Pollock and Erik Eliason of Storefront explain how the rise of the sharing, local, and on-demand economies are making space more accessible to smaller brands

Joining, Not Interrupting, the Conversation on Mobile

Pablo Slough of Google explains why user experience, relevant ads, and insightful measurement can all improve a retailer’s mobile presence