OK, we get it. PSFK newsletters are inspiring, our reports are always insightful, our consulting projects are robust and effective, but someone in leadership just asked for your opinion on something really specific. And they want it fast.

introducing PSFK'sWhy don’t you ask us for help through the chat box on PSFK.com?

Our ‘Chat A Researcher’ team can get back to requests in 3 to 4 days  with a bespoke research report that you can raid for that deck or paper you’re putting together for the senior team.

Premium Members enjoy this service as complimentary. They not only get the newsletters, reports and event access, they also get a PSFK researcher they can ping any time with a question.

Yes, any time (as long as we’re awake :)

Send our Head of Member Success, Jeff Weiner, a note through chat and he’ll share a recent example of a report we’ve prepared that’s related to the industry you work in. Or snail-email him:  jeff.weiner@psfk.com

Some recent requests we’ve responded to include:

  • “Can you help us think through how we might use voice-activated tools like Siri and Alexa to enhance the guest room experience?” 
    – International Hospitality Brand
  • “We are looking for examples of best-in-class examples of customer loyalty programs. Ones that focus less on the transactional nature of the existing loyalty paradigm and more on experiential, social and mobile. Can you help to inspire our thinking?”
    – Retail Experience Consultancy
  • “I’m working on a project specifically for the future of anti-aging skincare. It would be extremely helpful to get additional information on how this portion of the beauty space is evolving with a specific focus on non-digital products.”
    – Global Health and Wellness Brand

Just use a chat window today for more information and a sample—or visit our Membership page for more info on Premium Membership.