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PSFK and Jawbone Present The Connect UP Design Contest

When we stop and think about life in the home today, it has become incredibly dynamic and interactive, thanks in part to the number of networked objects, devices and screens that offer up a bevy of alerts, data and updates at all hours of the day. While this has provided us with unparalleled access to a constantly refreshed stream of information and new efficiencies, how do we make sense of all of these things competing for our attention?

Imagine a home that controls the environment to ensure your personal equilibrium, a suite of services that provide an on-demand lifestyle, and furnishings that can adapt throughout the day to match the changing needs of the city dweller. A wonderful reality to look forward to, but how exactly do we get there?

The problem as we see it, is that currently all of these internet-enabled devices, appliances and products are having their own separate conversations, but none of them are listening to one another, resulting in a digital cacophony without the necessary dials and filters to make into a chorus that supports the needs of a modern lifestyle. This design competition asks you envision solutions for platforms, tools and services to build an ecosystem that bridges the capabilities of Jawbone‘s UP® band and/or JAMBOX® with products featured in PSFK Labs’ Future of Home Living exhibition and report.

Submissions will be judged by members of Jawbone and PSFK.


Grand prize: VIP trip to CES for two as Jawbone’s guests, January 7–10, 2014.

‘Runner-UP’ prizes: A connected living collection package for your team; 4 UP® bands, 4 Big JAMBOX® and 4 JAMBOX®.

PSFK will showcase submissions from the winner and finalists on and as part of the Future of Home Living report’s slideshare presentation.

Friday, August 30th: Submission deadline
Thursday, September 5th: Finalist Announced
Tuesday, September 10th: Winner Announced

Sign-up for the competition has closed, but stay tuned in to this page to vote on the finalists and winners and all of the contest information.

Legal Notice: The applicant represents and warrants that the Work submitted is his/her own creation and that the Work does not include nor infringe any third party intellectual property rights. The applicant grants Jawbone an exclusive, irrevocable, worldwide, unrestricted right to use the Work free of charge for any purpose.