During a webinar on Thursday August 3 at 12pm EST, the PSFK research team will be presenting findings from our next trends and innovation report, the Home Debrief.

Amidst the increasingly overwhelming swirl of deadlines, updates and notifications in our professional and social lives, the home has served as the final bastion to rest, recharge and reconnect with family and loved ones.

Rather than encroach on the home’s role as a space for personal wellbeing and balance, technology providers are designing IoT, AI, and voice-assistive tools as instruments to protect, if not democratize, a healthy home life—offloading stressors, blocking distractions and offering peace of mind.

The next generation of digital assistants will make the connected home, paradoxically, more human. Household brands are most effective when they consider how their solutions affect human relationships. PSFK’s Home Debrief reviews the impact that connected products and services have on home living and relations and offers a roadmap for consumers looking to make technology part of the family.




Key Themes Of The Webinar

At-home assistants and digital communications are changing what it means to participate in home life, from overseeing routines and errands to making memories together.

1. How omnipresent channels offer residents the ability to check in on the home and interact with one another in a meaningful way, all from another location.

2. How mediating technologies make residents feel personally acknowledged and mitigate differences in preferences, goals and schedules—helping a household to work in sync and achieve goals with minimal headache.

3. How IoT extends the amenities of the living space beyond household walls, improving the comfort, safety and connection that residents feel in their backyards and neighborhoods.

4. How background IoT services are offloading stressors and blocking distractions to encourage mindfulness in the home.

PSFK Confernce: Speakers


11.50am “Doors” Open

12pm Presentation Begins

12.35pm Discussion with Attendees

1pm Webinar Closes