PSFK Presents: The Future of Retail 2016 – Designing the New Shopper Experience

Understanding and shaping a new shopper experience has become a priority for brands and retailers this year. As part of the PSFK 2016 conference, PSFK’s founder Piers Fawkes will be presenting our latest Future of Retail report with Scott Lachut and the PSFK Labs team.



Join us as we present our latest research, trends and insights. The PSFK Labs team will cover the 10 pillars to defining a customer journey along the purchase path and discuss the 5 retail strategies that all organizations need to consider investing in during 2016 and beyond.

To wrap-up the presentation, attendees will be walked through the itinerary for the self-guided tour of best-in-class retail experiences in New York City. Equipped with new insights, attendees are invited to explore these retail locations at their own pace to see how the trends unfold in a real-life context.

PSFK Confernce: Speakers


Thursday, May 12th, 9:30 am – 11:30 am:
Trends & Insights from the Future of Retail 2016 report presented by the PSFK Labs Team.

The presentation will provide context and point out specific experiences and applied trends to look out for at the stores featured in the self-guided tour. Attendees will receive detailed maps of where to locate best-in-class examples throughout Manhattan, allowing them to explore the areas of their choice at their own pace.


  • The session will be hosted by the PSFK Labs Team


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