Innovation In The New Consumer Experience

Each year, PSFK celebrates innovation and new ideas driving the new customer experience. In 2018, we'll be bringing to life key trends through uplifting talks and stimulating activations by pioneers at renowned and rising companies across three spaces: Design & Experience, Reframing Business, and Insight Into Humanity. Tomorrow's CX awaits.
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New York City | May 18th, 2018


Our speakers come from a mix of emerging and well-known companies and they all have insights we can immerse ourselves in and react to.
Design & Experience
Insights Into Humanity
Reframing Business

CXI2018 Agenda

  • 8:30 am
    Welcome Breakfast
  • 9:00 am
    Morning Talks
    • Amber Case, MIT | What People Want From Tech
    • Georg Petschnigg, FiftyThree | Designing Productivity
    • Adam Pritzker, Assembled Brands | Always Better
    • Alexandra Fine, Dame Products | Making Products For Humans
    • David Stewart, Ageist | Boom Generation: The Over 50s
    • Catalina Kulczar, Photographer & Director | Juan Miguel Marin, Multi-Disciplinary Artist
    • Kodi Foster, Viacom | Using Data for Content
  • 10:30 am - 11:00 am
    Coffee Break
  • 11:00 am
    Mid-Morning Talks
    • Sixto Cancel, Think Of Us | Empowering Youth
    • Robin Liss, Suvie | Automating The Home
    • Emilie Baltz, Unicorn Exists | Developing Community Around Food
    • Kenyatta Cheese, Everybody At Once
    • John Wantz, SHOP | Taking Amazon Out Of The Equation
    • Jordan Schenck, Impossible Burger
    • Johanna Salazar, Two Goats | Harnessing 360 for Brands
  • 12:45 pm - 2:00 pm
    Lunch, Networking and Breakout Roundtables

    Roundtables Include:

    • Colin Beavan, No Impact Man | Fulfillment
    • Brad Grossman, ZEITGUIDE | C-Suite Lessons
    • Jonathan Fishman, Weaver Street Partners | Place We Live, Work & Play
    • Naz Riahl, Bitten | Food Experience
    • Rich Cumming, Two Goats | Mixed Reality
    • John Wantz, SHOP | Blockchain
    • Liz Bacelar, TheCurrent | Intersection of Fashion, Retail & Tech
    • Maddy Maxey, LOOMIA | Smart Apparel
    • Lindsey Slaby, Sunday Dinner | Brand Relationships
  • 2:00 pm
    Afternoon Talks
    • Madison Maxey and Janett Liriano, LOOMIA
    • Christina Janzer, Slack | Designing Digital Experiences
    • James Cooper, Betaworks | Building New Products
    • A Fireside Chat with Rafat Ali , Skift
    • Fireside Duo with Michael Rothman, Fatherly
    • Devon Powers, Trends Author | Turning Trends Into Futures
    • Meredith Ferguson, Do Something | What Gen Z Really Wants
    • Michael Lastoria,  &pizza | Reframing The Mundane
  • 4:00 pm
    Closing Remarks
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PSFK is an on-demand intelligence resource that helps creative professionals like you get access to insights and ideas that you can use to build the next wave of products, services, marketing and retail. The talks at the event will cover several industry verticals and revolve around three topics: brand experience, retail experience and consumer culture. These themes will run through three sessions of talks.

Every day our feeds bombard us with new ideas, projects, products and startups. This avalanche of innovation can be overwhelming, and sometimes paralyzing: we know we need to change but where do we start? PSFK spends its days shifting through all these ideas, recognizing patterns and spotting trends – and this conference presents pioneers who are developing fresh ideas when it comes to new ways to deliver consumer experiences.


In total, you’ll enjoy:

  • 20+ talks from speakers driving innovation in retail, product & marketing
  • Active networking with 400+ likeminded professionals Collaboration with fellow attendees to build actionable take-aways
  • A briefing for an immersive NYC trends tour (hosted on March 17; available for group buyers only)

Who’s Attending

Here, you’ll see a range of many of the inspiring brands and agencies that will join us on May 18. CXI2018 is suited for anyone building the new consumer experience but in particular:

  • Innovation & Insight teams at brands
  • Strategists & Planners at agencies
  • Product Development Teams at media companies

Exact agenda tbc but for now:

Event starts: 9am | Event closes: 4.30pm Approx

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