At PSFK SAN FRANCISCO, the team behind PSFK’s Future of Retail 2014 Report will shine a light to reveal the exciting possibilities developing for brands and retailers. The PSFK Labs study has found that mobile and social have caused seismic shifts in shopper behavior, empowering them to shop on their own terms and interact with retailers and brands in entirely new ways. Business will witness the reverberations of these massive drivers of change over the coming years as shopper-retailer-brand relationships and the multichannel shopping experience continue to evolve.

On the morning of the event, PSFK Labs will present key innovators who are exploring the key themes in our study. The speakers will share actionable insights that highlight the impact of the findings and suggest approaches to take advantage of them.

Speakers include:

  • Bradley Voytek of Uber – analyzing customer data to help pioneer a new level of bespoke service.
  • Tim Voegele-Downing of Avery Dennison – developing a new retail operating system based on smart labels.
  • Chris Bennett of Soldsie – offering instant purchase opportunities on diverse channels including Facebook.
  • Laura Jones, Google Shopping – developing new multi-platform shopping experiences.
  • Carrie Whitehead, Zappos Labs – experimenting with omni-retail.
  • Brian Williamson of Foursquare – changing the way retail promotions are delivered with a mix of location and context.
  • Katie Stratton of Google – demonstrating how Google Helpouts has partnered with Sephora to create engaging brand experiences.
  • Michael Boeke of Braintree – redefining transaction dynamics across social and mobile.
  • Tim Weingarten & Sara Brooks of The Hunt – engaging community to drive brand loyalty.

Who Should Attend

Anyone involved in the creation of the retail experience online, on mobile and in-store: retailers, brands, their agencies, technology companies and service providers.


About PSFK’s Future Of Retail 2014 Report

In the fourth volume of the Future of Retail report, the PSFK Labs team will examine how real-time access to information and analytics is changing the face of modern retail for both shoppers and brands. Alongside data as the foundation for decision making and exchange in the multichannel marketplace, we will look at how digital technologies are impacting the purchase path and the new opportunities they create. With access to an entirely new set of tools for supporting both shoppers and staff, retailers and brands now have the ability to deliver more convenient and efficient transactions, leaving time to focus on providing meaningful value to their customers online, on mobile and in-store. For their participation, shoppers can expect a higher level of customer care and more personalized shopping experiences that build greater loyalty over time.

The report is available here. Previous publications are listed in the PSFK Reports section.


Who Is PSFK Labs?

PSFK Labs is the research & strategy division connected to daily ideas site, PSFK Labs has a history of presenting thought leadership in key sectors. Our retail reports are widely read and summary versions have been viewed by over half a million people online.

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