At this May 9th event in New York City, PSFK analysts will present the findings from their report the Store Experience Design Debrief, which is full of themes emerging in the world of store experience and design. The session will be attended by senior executives at retailers, brands and their partners.

During this conference, PSFK experts will outline the major pillars that retailers will need to leverage to hone their store experience over the next decade and design physical stores to encourage visits, engage shoppers and complement the hybrid nature of retail today. 



There are radical innovation strategies being tested and employed in the retail sector and the Store XD Briefing will help you frame emerging opportunities.

Key Themes of this session include:

Plug And Play Infrastructure

Dynamic Outreach

Architectural Storytelling

Partnered Galleries

Co-Creation Studios

Service Marketplace

Liberated Spaces

Micro Fulfillment Centers

After the presentation, an informal cross-room discussion will take place. This ‘Speak Easy’ session will be off-the-record and will allow the attendees to respond to the briefing with their own opinions and case studies.

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PSFK Confernce: Speakers


  • 8.30am – Doors Open
  • 9.00am – Briefing Commences
  • 9.45am – ‘Speak Easy’ Discussion
  • 10.30am – Briefing Ends


PSFK Confernce: Plan Your Trip

Plan Your Trip


The briefing  will be held in a single downtown loft space in Manhattan. Ticket-holders will be emailed the address after their purchase.

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