PSFK SALON LONDON: Future of Retail

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PSFK presents the Future Of Retail Report 2011

Find Out How Technology Evolves The Shopper Experience

While we all recognize that retail is undergoing tremendous change, few of us fully understand the future role of the physical store. The Internet has challenged the relevancy of the retail space and a retailer’s response most commonly involves fighting this tech attack with more technology. Often this results in the sporadic implementation of systems that may improve efficiencies but tends to disregard the primary reasons shoppers go to a store in the first place.

Tech-enabled services like self-checkout and self-scanning can damage the theater of retail, sucking the life out of the experience people enjoy when shopping. Having gathered hundreds of data points of emerging ideas in retail, the PSFK Consulting team realized that, ironically, the solution to the decline of the physical store is technology. Our analysis suggests that a digitally enabled store (and staff) can flourish.

PSFK’s Future of Retail report demonstrates how smart retailers and brands are finding ways to use technology to incorporate a human touch into the shopper experience. On the morning of Thursday 8th September 2011, PSFK will paint a picture of the emerging retail landscape in which innovation can take place. Our talk will cover three key themes and ten trends that anyone who works in retail or a brand that sells products will benefit from. PSFK will also present the reactions of senior professionals from across the sector, including their views on the opportunities these trends present.


Piers Fawkes, Founder, PSFK
Jeff Weiner, Commercial Director, PSFK


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  • 8.30am Doors Open
  • 9.00am Presentation Starts
  • 10.00am Q&A Discussion
  • 10.30am Mixer
  • 11.00am Event Closes