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Events for Change Makers and Forward-Thinkers. Learn. Network. Lead.

Connecting retail, brand and CX innovators through in-person and virtual conferences since 2004.

Upcoming Events

  • oct 27
    Poptech Conference

    PopTech 2022 brings a diverse roster of doers and thinkers to help us reflect on what’s been left behind and to gain clarity as we chart the path ahead.

    Washington, DC
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  • oct 28
    PSFK Community MeetUp at PopTech

    This free-to attend mixer will be held in partnership with the PopTech organizers - and will allow our community to reconnect and build on the ideas they hear from speakers

    Washington, DC
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  • nov 9
    LaFutura Global Conference

    Global trends experts gather to learn about New Essentialism

    Tel Aviv
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  • nov 10
    CX Effect+ 2022

    Come listen to experts like PSFK's Piers Fawkes discuss the imperative for creative convergence and the business transformation that convergence makes possible.

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  • 2023 jan 14
    Retail Innovation Week 2023

    Retail Innovation Week 2023 is a calendar of virtual and in-person events that run January 14-17, 2022. Ideal for executives at retailers, brands and solution providers, there is no better series of events, discussions, and network gatherings to attend in order to gain exclusive, actionable insights into the current-day trends and ideas powering the next and coming iterations of the retail and CX landscapes.

    New York City
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  • 2023 jan 17
    Peak Retail + the PSFK Future of Retail Sessions / NRF / RIW

    A special Retail Innovation Week event with the most important discussions on the Future of Retail and the key solution providers who will shape tomorrow

    Hudson Yards, NYC
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  • 2023 jan 17
    PSFK Future of Retail Conference 2023

    Since 2007, PSFK has introduced the world to the next big names defining customer experience today. Join us 2023 as we showcase the next generation driving the future of retail.

    New York City
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