Which Membership level is best for me or my organization?

The best overview of the 3 different membership levels – Basic, Purple and Premium – can be found on our membership page.


Quick Membership Level Overview

  • The Basic level is for readers who browse occasionally. It is limited to 12 articles per month and does not grant access to features such as category pages, search, the full PSFK archives and the PurpleList expert database.
  • The Purple level is for professionals who use PSFK to stay informed. It gives you unlimited access to all of – from every article published on, to the fully searchable archives and category pages to curated lists of experts and topical members-only insights. We offer this as a monthly or annual basis.
  • The Premium membership provides executives with all the newest info. You get the same benefits as Purple members plus complimentary access to the full library of Trends Debriefs and ‘Future Of’ reports published by the PSFK Labs team, including all new reports.
  • The Enterprise level membership offers an entire company or organization access to PSFK content. Please contact us directly at to discuss pricing for your organization.


Can I share my membership with other people?

No, unless you have purchased a license that specifically allows it. Individual memberships can be purchased in the license types listed below and in our Terms of Service. By default, each membership functions as a Single-Use license and is limited to one user. If you’re interested in Multi-Use and Enterprise licenses, please contact us at


Can I still read PSFK as a free user?

Yes, you can access 12 articles per month for free by signing up for a Basic Membership with your email address. In addition, Op-Eds, PSFK Labs articles analysis and special content don’t count towards your limit either. For an overview of membership tiers and their benefits, visit our membership page.


If I go back and read an article I have already read, does it count towards the 12 articles/month limit a second time?

No – feel free to revisit the same article as many times as you like. It will only be counted once.


My payment failed – what do I do?

As a first step, please contact your bank to find out why your payment was declined. Once we have this information, we can better assist you. If you wish to pay for an annual membership with a payment method other than credit card, please contact


I’m having trouble logging in – what do I do?

If you have forgotten your password, click on the following link to reset your password. If that is not the issue, please try clearing your cache. If that doesn’t work, contact us at


Will my membership be renewed automatically?

Yes. By default your membership will be renewed after every month or year, extending your most recent membership tier and duration setting.

We will remind you by sending an email 14 days prior to any new charges being made to your account to remind you that your membership will be renewed. If you want to disable the auto renew setting, go to your Account Settings, and turn off Auto Renew using the toggle switch.


Can I upgrade my membership?

Yes, you can upgrade at any time. Once signed in to, select the UPGRADE button under the desired tier under the membership info grid.

If you are upgrading from a Purple to a Premium membership, upgrading will extend your membership for a year from the date of the upgrade. A prorated amount will be deducted from the charge for the upgrade to Premium based on how many days you used your Purple membership. (Meaning, if you are a Purple member for 50 days and then upgrade to Premium, (50/365) of the full $595 Purple membership fee will be deducted from the $1895 Premium membership fee.)


What is the cancellation refund policy for membership?

We do not accept refunds for membership.


Can I give PSFK Membership as a gift?

Yes! Please contact for assistance or simply create an account and share the login details with the lucky member. They can then update the email and password later on in the Account Settings if they wish.




Can I share a report or debrief I purchased with other people?

No, unless you have Enterprise membership or Multi-Use license. Individual reports and debriefs can be purchased in the license types listed below and in our Terms of Service. By default, a report or debrief is a Single-Use license and sharing is prohibited. For Multi-Use and Enterprise licenses, please contact us at Volume discounts are available.



A report purchased under the Single-Use License may be accessed and opened for personal use. Purchasers may print one copy of any individual PSFK Trends Report document for personal use. Distribution to audiences inside or outside the company or organization are not permitted. Purchasers may not post or otherwise mass distribute PSFK trends documents (e.g. via hard copy, email, and/or posting on intranet, company bulletin boards or other information storage and retrieval systems).


Identical to Single-Use Licenses but applicable to more than one purchaser in the same company or organization as defined by an agreement with PSFK. For more information, contact us at


A prepaid licensing program defined by an agreement with PSFK that provides an entire company or organization access to PSFK Trends Reports documents. Distribution to audiences inside the company or organization is permitted. Distribution to audiences outside the company or organization is not permitted. For more information, contact us at


If you have any further questions not addressed here, please contact us at