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How Do You Become A Trends Analyst?

There are many ways you can get into trends research. You can start by taking classes through your local community college or university. Trend spotters like to read magazines and newspapers. They scan articles written by experts in the field and look for stories that discuss current issues related to your topic.

What Is Pattern Recognition?

What Trends Research Companies are there?

Examples of trend research companies include Gartner and PSFK.

The professionals who use their trends research include:

  • Marketers — These individuals identify new opportunities based on changing market dynamics. For example, they might notice an increase in demand for certain types of goods and services. Or they might see a decline in sales due to competition.
  • Business owners — A company owner can use trends analysis to help them make better decisions regarding product development, pricing strategy, advertising campaigns, etc.
  • Retailers — Retailers often rely on trends research to understand how customers behave when making purchases. By understanding customer preferences, retailers can create targeted promotions and advertisements that will appeal to specific groups of shoppers.

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