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How To Write A Trends Report

What is a trend analysis report?

A trends analysis report is used to identify future market conditions. It also helps in understanding the growth opportunities for different segments of an industry. A report on trends provides information about the key drivers, restraints, challenges, threats, and opportunities that are influencing the global market. Trends reports are used by companies to understand their competitors’ business strategies and plan new product launches or expansions accordingly.

How do you write a trend report?

No matter what your writing skills, you could borrow from our sample industry trend report as a guide but it will be better if you follow some guidelines while writing your own trend report:

What companies do trends research?

Examples of trend research companies include Mintel and PSFK. Your advertising agency might have a strategy or planning department that already offers this service as part of their retainer with your organization. Also consumer goods companies will often prepare complimentary reports for their retailer partners.

If you want to learn more about boosting your business intelligence with custom trends reports, contact the PSFK research team.