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What Will I Get From A PSFK iQ Trial?

Over 20% of the Fortune 500 relies on PSFK for key innovation trends, blue-chip strategies, and future-focused insights.

With a FREE 2-week PSFK iQ Trial, you’ll join leaders from top companies like Google, CVS, Shiseido, Nike, Ogilvy, Microsoft, and many more.

PSFK iQ contains a curated selection of qualitative, secondary desk research. Our team uses a methodology called ‘Grounded Theory Analysis.’ On a rolling basis, our researchers are gathering weak signals of change (examples of innovation) via secondary desk research. Upon collecting a critical mass of data, we then do manual pattern recognition to identify patterns we are seeing in the data. We then define these patterns (‘trends’ or ‘strategies’) and bring them to life with examples of innovation.

Watch this video for a quick primer on what our best-in-class centralized dashboard can do for you. Whether you’re an individual freelancer, or want to give your team a head start on what’s next (we offer support for up to 150 users per license), our professional-grade market research platform is a Powerful Tool designed specifically for Retail and CX leaders who want to act with confidence and accelerate growth with clarity.

As a trial member, you receive exclusive access to a curated selection of 4 sample reports (a $$$ value) + our bonus Weekly Analysis Email, featuring the same insider insights and trend-du-jour pulse checks the PSFK iQ Research Team built their name on.

Often times, our PSFK iQ Members have pressing needs that either aren’t addressed in the library or need special focus and attention. For those in need, we offer on-demand research as an additional services. If you find yourself in a crunch, let us know and we will happily provide a quote for the service and can also walk you through our process and what you can expect as an output.

If you have any other questions, visit and ask our team via the chat box on the page!