PSFK Looks At China, The World’s Retail Laboratory How Paid Access & Subscriptions Will Replace Publishers’ Advertising Revenues By 2022 PSFK Retail Conference Preview: How A Natural, Cruelty-Free Oral Care Brand Is Disrupting The Industry With A Single Word: Hello Interview: How High-Tech Glasses Brand North Builds Futuristic Retail Experiences For Optimal Fits How Platforms Like Yahoo Use Video Content To Enable Influencer-Driven Commerce How Retailers Like Amazon Are Using Curation To Recommend Gifts How Brands Like Casper And L’Occitane Enable Shopping Therapy For The Holiday Season How One Brand Strategist Combines Research And Creative Intuition For Effective Brand Storytelling How Retailers Like Macy’s And Saks Are Using Data To Generate Guided Gift Recs Google Parent Company’s Drone Service Will Offer Customers Free Grocery Delivery How Brands Like IKEA And Wayfair Are Offering Hands-On Holiday Shopping Assistance Interview: Taco Bell Offers Fans Meme Culture-Inspired Holiday Merchandise Via Amazon PSFK Retail Conference Preview: Ro’s CEO On Democratizing Healthcare Through Telemedicine NYRIW Preview: How High-End Bicycle Rental Roula Serves The Traveling Cyclist

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Retail & CX Innovation / December 14, 2018

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PSFK's latest debrief spotlights China’s leading retail and CX innovators, outlining how the future of global retail is happening in China today: PSFK Looks At China, The World’s Retail Laboratory

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Through the lens of seven industry pillars, PSFK’s Content & Commerce
Debrief shows how brands can use content in ways that go far beyond
building awareness: Content & Commerce Debrief

This research paper provides a look at new ways that publishers are offering their readers exclusive access to original content, partner services, community platforms and beyond.: Evolving Membership Ecosystems Through Paid Loyalty

PSFK's Future of Retail 2019 Conference will serve as the cornerstone event for New York Retail Innovation Week, an inclusive calendar of events in NYC this January that will provide a learning platform for executives working at retailers and brands.: New York Retail Week

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