Reimagining Interview Process

Whether you’re looking for the next star hire or applying for your dream position, the IIQ intelligent interview app simplifies the interview process by providing relevant questions, analyzing responses and eliminating human errors in real time—before and during the interview.

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How It Works

The Intelligent Interview Questionnaire (IIQ) is a web based AI tool that helps both employers and employees automate parts of the interview process. The IIQ starts by using LinkedIn data to cross reference applicants’ resumes against job description, identifying relevant talking points for the interview. At the interview, the app listens to the conversation, analyzes responses in real time, and provides relevant follow up questions —freeing professionals to focus on what’s important.

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The IIQ is a AI concept from the Future of Work Report, a deep dive into the talent and development landscape to identify the conditions and qualities that cultivate tomorrow’s leaders in the workplace. This concept is crafted and curated PSFK Labs, leveraging the research skills and editorial reach of PSFK.com to offer innovation and thought leadership services to the world’s most future forward companies.
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