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PSFK iQ Market Research Platform Where Innovators Turn for Direction.

By subscribing, iQ Members including Google, Lululemon, Target and Walmart enjoy access to a 400+ trends report library, 100,000+ innovation case-studies, curated vendor database, AI-powered newsletters and on-demand bespoke research. 
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  • 400 Original Strategy Papers & Innovation Reports

    Get smart-quick across topics, technologies & industry sectors

    At the core of the PSFK iQ market research platform is a library of reports which is updated weekly with a wide range of valuable insights. With research across the customer experience journey, each report includes consumer insights, trends analysis, industry examples and market data.

    400 Original Strategy Papers & Innovation Reports
  • 100,000 Case Studies, Benchmarks + Analysis

    Deep dive into new ideas in our centralized innovation dashboard.

    Unlock access to industry benchmarks, case-studies and op-eds. Our database is ideal for enterprise market researchers looking for real answers and for business leaders who are trying to tackle the biggest business challenges.

    100,000 Case Studies, Benchmarks + Analysis
  • On-Demand Research

    Actionable market intelligence to make informed decisions.

    Our iQ Members frequently ask the PSFK researchers to create a custom research paper and we deliver these typically within a week.  These reports include consumer insights, emerging trends,  innovation strategies and best-in-class case-studies.

    On-Demand Research
  • AI Powered Newsletters & Alerts

    Relax knowing that you won’t miss a trend.

    Our iQ Members stay up to date with most topical issues from the PSFK Research team. Our emails include in-depth analytical pieces from our researchers plus digests created by our artificially intelligent algorithms.

    AI Powered Newsletters & Alerts
  • Find New Vendors to Activate Your Customer Experience

    Find your next partner on our market research software platform.

    PSFK iQ includes a searchable database of solution providers in areas such as ecommerce, conversational interfaces, customer experience and real time marketing tools. Our members simply ask for a vendor introduction with the click of a button

    Find New Vendors to Activate Your Customer Experience

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Buy now to get instant access to our reports and join over 150 market leading brands, retailers and agencies who are already using PSFK iQ. Los precios locales están disponibles para empresas en ubicaciones internacionales. ¡Contáctenos!

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  • Weekly Analysis Email
  • iQ Database Access
  • On-Demand Research Requests
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$35,000 / year
  • Annual License
  • 10 Users
  • Unlimited Report Downloads
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  • Up to 2 x On-Demand Research reports
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$75,000+ / year
  • Annual License
  • Up to 150 Users
  • Unlimited Report Downloads
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  • Up to 5 x On-Demand Research reports
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PSFK's custom market research saved us a considerable amount of time scanning the industry to understand what tech solutions were present around the world. As a result, we were able to complete a robust due diligence around providers; and currently we are building a business case to implement this technology into the organization.
Global Strategy Analyst
Loving my PSFK iQ experience, the competitive intelligence and actionable insight. Great breadth of research, useful for finding answers to pressing business questions around consumer behavior and retail sales, and IQ is also great for go exploring for deeper insights. Like walking through a bookstore or library, sometimes it's nice to just browse. I use PSFK's market trends, quality insights and market research studies as an inspiration market research tool in my job. It's been awesome to connect with their team and level up my own thinking. With their qualitative insights iQ is one of the most important tools for market research. 
FastRope Labs
Global Strategy Analyst
We have syndicated research subscriptions to various knowledge platforms and market research software, but PSFK stands out with fresh, highly relevant content, accurate insights and retail industry trends reports. Our business strategy decks and thought pieces are strongly influenced by the knowledge we gain from the market research firm PSFK. With their actionable market intelligence, PSFK iQ gives us the confidence that we need to tackle any client need within short notice.
Hansa Equity
Chief Digital Officer,
PSFK answered our custom market research brief perfectly and then provided some deeper market knowledge. We met with the research team on the ask around consumer behavior. This market research company delivered in two parts to ensure they were meeting our expectations. This quick turn response helped us make business decisions on which parts we wanted to take on an important internal initiative.
Head of Retail Advocacy

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