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Content Lead

PSFK is seeking multi-hyphenate content lead. Part writer, part producer, and part on air talent. Content focus is retail and consumer experience innovation — how brands and retailers are delivering new breed experiences for their consumers.


PSFK is growing the following properties:

    • Newsletter Subscriptions
    • Events
    • Custom Publishing
    • Consulting

*We are doing so by bringing a progressive POV and unique style to our business category.

*We are Design-led, hospitality-driven, feet on the ground.

*The people that flourish at our organization are builders. Systems, products, taking ownership.


    • Publish at speed and manage teams for on time delivery
    • Responsible for running the content on, PSFK iQ and our Events Website
    • Grab the reins and organize digital events
    • Craft paid-for content that is engaging for the audience and effective for the sponsor
    • Liase with PSFK event speakers
    • Must be able to work with developers and designers


    • Must be comfortable in WordPress and Mailchimp
    • Must be comfortable tailoring messaging for social media channels
    • Bonus points for measurement and analytic skills
    • POV is everything
    • Bonus points if you are comfortable in front of an audience, engaging talent and driving audiences. We are keen to do more webinars and digital events.
    • Finally, this is a high output role. So, discipline, organization and focus are key.


PSFK is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We welcome all applicants and are sensitive to people’s working styles. Our team operates with a lot of autonomy — we are a fully remote company. We place a lot of trust in one another to make sure we are delivering at a high level of quality, professionalism and speed.

This is a remote position, but ideally we are seeking a content lead to operate on Eastern Standard Time. We cannot accept candidates without a U.S. work visa at this time. This is a full-time job (no applicants with only part-time availability).

Please send an email with your portfolio, resume and cover letter explaining why you’d be a good fit for the Content team at PSFK to, with ‘Content Lead’ in the subject line.