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PSFK iQ contains insights & analysis that inspire retail and consumer experience innovation at the world’s leading brands.

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I need some help with a new client brief. The water brand is repositioning itself here in Brazil as a brand that leaves "no waste behind," as single use plastic is being scrutinized.

"Sustainability is a theme that permeates a lot of our research. Let me steer you to some trends we've uncovered in the marketplace and showcase how brands are innovating around sustainability."

I'm exploring digital and analog disruption in the food and beverage industry in order to set the foundation for a growth strategy for my category. Things that are top of mind are meal kits, in-store cafes, nutrition classes, and digital/e-commerce experiences.

"Read our Reinventing The In-Store Grocery Shopping Experience report to understand how innovative ways grocers are attempting to elevate the in-store experience to give people a compelling reason to shop there instead of online or elsewhere."

I oversee a team that is tasked with looking over the horizon at technologies that could potentially impact our food and beverage portfolio business. Can you help us understand the landscape of technology that will impact our brand over the next decade?

"Absolutely. Given the speed at which technology moves these days, what is nascent today will be tablestakes tomorrow. We can help shine a light on progressive uses of cutting edge tech for you to consider as it applies to your brand portfolio."

I'm looking for some insights around millennial parents to support a strategy that we are developing for a local toy retailer. Can you help me identify some drivers for that cohort and highlight the types of experiences that resonate with them?

"Of course. Millenials, like all generations, have a unique set of values and desires. We can help idenitfy those values and map them back to retail and consumer experience innovation."

We are in the process of developing a vendor RFP focused on techonlogy that drives enhanced in-store experience. Can you gut check the brief and help us to idenitfy potential, best-in-class RFP participants?

"Sure, we're happy to help identify and recommend some vendors that we think have done great work in the experiential retail domain."

I am bringing a delegation to New York City to get face-to-face with innovative retail experiences. Are you able to point to some locations we should visit?

"Of course. We have several city tour guides for hot spots around the world including New York, Los Angeles, Seoul, Tokyo and more..."

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We provide competitive insights and customer experience intelligence to retailers that sell through eCommerce, social and/or physical retail.
We assist brands that sell goods and services to consumers (we have some B2B companies in our ranks, too) with best-in-class examples, consumer and market trends.
We support numerous types of agencies by providing pitch assistance and expert perspective development you can trust, at the speed you need.


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    Be prepared daily and stay on top of consumer and market trends


    Manage knowledge in project folders, by collecting and organizing research, while share new insights with your team regularly


    Navigate your own way through 400,000+ data points, including examples, trends and consumer & industry insights


    Validata & disprove assumptions at the click of a button. We’ll decipher your situation and connect you to their right support within our solutions network


    Trends distilled in-depth by PSFK Innovation Consultants by joining our research webinars and annual conference


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PSFK answered our brief perfectly and then some. We met with the Research team on the ask, they delivered in 2 parts to ensure they were meeting our expectations. PSFK helped us in our moment of need. This information helped on a quick turn ask for an upcoming executive presentation. The research helped us determine which path we want to take on an important internal initiative.

Head of Retail Advocacy, Google

Our experience working with PSFK was extremely simple. The research team delivered a report on time, as promised, which became a very good starting point to explore potential solutions. PSFK's research saved us a considerable amount of time scanning the industry to understand what tech solutions were present around the world. As a result, we were able to complete a robust due diligence around providers; and currently we are building a business case to implement this technology into the organization.

Global Strategy Analyst, Aesop

The overall experience with PSFK is great. I love the breadth of research your team provides. It's useful for finding answers to questions, and also great for go exploring. Like walking through a bookstore or library, sometimes it's nice to just browse. I use PSFK’s reports as an inspiration tool in my job. It's been awesome to connect with your team and level up my own thinking.

Founder & CEO, Fast Rope Labs

The content quality on PSFK is exceptional. We have subscriptions to various knowledge and information platforms, but PSFK stands out with fresh, highly relevant content and reports.
Our strategy decks and thought pieces are strongly influenced by the knowledge we gain from PSFK. Having PSFK’s high quality, updated content bank gives us the confidence that we need to tackle any client need within short notice.

Chief Digital Officer, Hansa Cequity


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PSFK provides retail intelligence to build tomorrow's CX. We help brands identify opportunities through a mix of research reports and on-demand services. Please provide some info for the PSFK Team below.