The PSFK Newsletter
Delivered on Sundays so you can power your CX innovation work throughout the week, our most popular and robust newsletter comes chock-full of retail insights, analysis, industry data, trend report takeaways, and more.
The PSFK Newsletter
CX & Retail Innovation Daily
CX & Retail Innovation Daily
Innovation never rests—for those who need a daily allowance of insights and analysis during the work week, our CX & Retail Innovation Daily Newsletter delivers in spades.
Design Newsletter
A weekly newsletter centered around retail, packaging and experience design, exploring how retailers can drive engagement and sales through both online and physical channels.
CX Design Newsletter
Retail & CX in Grocery, Restaurants, Food & Beverage Newsletter
Grocery, Restaurants, Food & Beverage Newsletter
For professionals on the hunt for food, grocery and restaurant happenings, this newsletter examines the appetite market. Delivered weekly.
Apparel, Fashion & Beauty Newsletter
Not every weekly newsletter is cut from the same cloth. Sign up for ours so that your apparel, fashion and beauty customer experiences stand out.
Retail & CX in Apparel, Fashion & Beauty Newsletter
CX Report For Health & Wellness Newsletter
Health & Wellness Newsletter
Not a sector known for great customer experiences, strategists and researchers working in the health and wellness space need our weekly briefing to heal a trade in desperate need of repair.
Banking Newsletter
Delivered on the 1st of every month, the CX Report for Banking covers the financial services industry at large, including coverage of the insurance sector as well as advancements in transactions and payment technology.
CX Report for Banking
Automotive, Mobility & Transportation Newsletter
Automotive, Mobility & Transportation Newsletter
Another monthly briefing, this newsletter arrives on the 20th of every month and caters to auto and mobility professionals who want to understand how the customer experience is evolving for them (and their competitors).
Travel Newsletter
The travel customer experience can be as fickle as the wind. Keep on top of this shifting landscape with the latest travel and hospitality innovation and trends on a monthly basis.
Trend Safaris

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