In this episode, listen to the Fleur Marché's founders explain how they parlayed consumer insights from their work at Goop into a luxury-oriented online-only business helping women address commen issues like anxiety or insomnia with research-backed, trustworthy CBD products

As the CBD space continues to boom, some consumers still feel as though they lack reputable resources to turn to for quality and safe experiences. The Fleur Marché, a hyper-curated, online-only platform for wellness-focused luxury CBD products, hopes to change this, parlaying its founders’ experience from their work with Goop into a trustworthy resource for CBD-curious women who aren't quite converts yet.

In this show, PSFK speaks to the luxury CBD platform's founders to get a glimpse at how the site differentiates itself in the quickly evolving cannabis retail space, combining consumer needs with CBD's best applications for a curated and quality experience.