In this episode, listen to PSFK share highlights from in-depth research on the last-mile delivery space, exploring a new ecosystem inspired by shoppers’ demands for quick, flexible delivery capabilities—and the retailers who are successfully meeting these needs.

In this show, PSFK's President of Research and Strategy, Scott Lachut, and Strategist Conner Dial share insights from PSFK's Last-Mile Delivery Debrief, focusing on how companies from major retailers to startups are taking ownership over the operational side of their business, streamlining their supply chains to offer customers greater flexibility of shopping and delivery without sacrificing convenience, and ultimately enabling greater responsiveness to customer demand.

The store is quickly becoming a core aspect of the distribution chain. Accordingly, retailers are finding innovative ways to help their products make the leap from a digital click to appearing at a customer's door, encompassing click-to-buy, ship-from store, under-an-hour-delivery services and more. Listen to find out how brands are meeting consumer demand for immediate access, speed and convenience across all outposts, and for full details, download PSFK's report, the Last-Mile Delivery Debrief now.

Lead image: courier delivering parcel stock photo from New Africa/Shutterstock