In this episode, Mastercard EVP of North America Marketing & Communications, Cheryl Guerin, explains the key components of a hybrid digital-physical retail experience, as well as why Mastercard is dropping the name from its logo to let the symbol speak for itself

Mastercard has been rethinking how its brand fits within a changing retail landscape. At PSFK's Future of Retail 2019 conference, founder and CEO Piers Fawkes spoke to Cheryl Guerin, the executive vice president of Mastercard North America Marketing & Communications, about the next generation of online and offline retail experiences, as well as how Mastercard sees itself within them.

In this show, Guerin explains why retail is increasingly catering to the fluidity of today's consumers, as they expect to move seamlessly from a digital to a physical outpost and back again throughout their day—and sometimes within one transaction.  She also shares why Mastercard is dropping copy from its logo, instead letting the design speak for itself as a symbol of retail's immersive and streamlined modern manifestation.

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