In this episode, PSFK interviews Dote to find out how the mobile shopping experience is enabling next-generation social transacting like livestreamed "Shopping Parties," translating previously IRL-only elements of retail to digital

One could say that shopping today is less social than ever—an activity that was once an inherently community-driven interaction. In the world of late-night Amazon clicks, the nature of retail has become increasingly flexible and isolating.

Enter Dote, a social shopping platform that aims to use today’s advanced mobile technology to enable shopping that mimics the malls of yesteryear—but for a digital-first audience. In this show, PSFK speaks to Dote's CEO and founder, Lauren Farleigh, to find out how the one-stop-shop mobile app effectively creates a digital content hub on members’ profiles where they can build lists, quizzes, polls and more to share and consider purchases with the Dote community, and engage in live shopping parties. Farleigh touches on her inspiration from the early gaming world as well as her upbringing as an early adopter of online shopping.