In this episode, PSFK shares its extensive research in the continuously evolving retail landscape, highlighting the importance of flexible yet unified distribution channels that cater to consumer fluidity between brands' digital and physical outposts

In this show, PSFK shares valuable insight from our annual flagship Future of Retail report, detailing the most important trends and innovation within the retail space as well as providing a framework for the coming year.

Listen as PSFK President of Research and Strategy Scott Lachut and Senior Strategist Penn Whaling share a cut of the most exciting shifts occurring in the retail landscape. Building on PSFK's report from last year, which detailed the importance for brands to establish complementary omnichannel strategies, this report explores how brands can best implement an integrated DTC model to provide a stronger, unified retail experience that allows for consumer fluidity between digital and physical touchpoints.

For more, download the full Future of Retail 2019 report here.

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