In this episode, PSFK researchers explain the current challenges facing quick-service brands, the changing consumer preferences and the progressive trends leading the way with innovative solutions applicable across categories beyond food

Shopper expectations are changing when it comes to all aspects of the food service experience. In the market of fast-casual and fast food, speed and convenience are a major priority for consumers. The industry is struggling to make transactions that are meeting consumers through the various channels that they wish to engage through, from mobile apps to self-service kiosks and beyond.

In this show, PSFK President of Research and Strategy Scott Lachut and Senior Strategist Penn Whaling highlight findings from our latest research on how to perfectly deliver on personal tastes. Listen as they explain why consumers are aiming for choice and flexibility when it comes to ordering food, and how that translates in the new technologies and operational processes at the forefront of fast-casual innovation, from on-demand mobile platforms to greater personalization.